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This mealworm-based spread has the rich flavor of upscale liver pâté, yet it's healthier and eco-friendly.
Tartinade tenebrion gourmand poivre rose

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  • Découvrez le volet gastronomique de l'entomophagie.
  • Soutenez une agriculture durable.
  • Découvrez une alimentation alternative à la viande, riche en protéines et durable.
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Elevate Snacks, Cocktails, Appetizers: Taste the Future with Edible Insects.

Experience a culinary revolution with edible insects, enhancing snacks, cocktails, and appetizers. Discover the triple benefits of taste, sustainability, and nutrition, as they redefine your culinary journey.

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Our Three Pillars of Excellence

  • Discover the Delights of Entomophagy

    Dive into the diverse world of edible insects and experience a culinary adventure like no other.

  • Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

    Embrace the circular economy and sustainability in agriculture, reducing our environmental footprint and preventing animal suffering.

  • Optimize Your Nutrition:

    Nourish your body with unparalleled protein, lipid profiles, and a rich source of Vitamin B12 found in edible insects, ensuring a healthier, balanced diet.